Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding Machines of plastics is a fully automated process. Machines and robotics conduct the majority of the work, which can be controlled or managed by a single human. Automation aids in the reduction of production costs through reducing labor expenditures, as well as the creation of precise and accurate injection molds. Close tolerance is possible because of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) in the mold-making process.

Hydraulic, electric, and hybrid drive systems are the most common types of injection molding machines. Because of the product being manufactured and how the machine influences the product, there are many different types of molding machines. We can manage a broad range of operations thanks to our various equipment, which varies substantially in terms of industry, plastic quality, and the number of pieces produced.

Injection molding is a fantastic procedure for large-scale final manufacturing, but it’s also beneficial for prototypes used in early product design or client product testing. Injection molding may be used to make a variety of plastic parts, and the possibilities and applications are unlimited. Misstated Mold collaborates with its customers to ensure that the technology, materials, and manufacturing methods are appropriate for each assignment. Make an appointment with a professional now!

Fully Automatic Injection Molding Machines Manufacturer

Sindhwai hydraulic pvt. ltd is a renowned company in India, specializing in the production and exporting of fully automatic plastic injection molding machines, injection molding machines Manufacturer in India under the brand name “Sindhwai hydraulic “. Sindhwai hydraulic Pvt. ltd products are utilized to shape extremely precise industrial components. Our products may be used in a variety of plastic molding industries.

Shakti Industries has been manufacturing and exporting a high-quality range of Lining Valve Machine and Moulding Machine since 2002. Teflon Lining Valve Machine, Transfer Moulding Machine, PTFE Transfer Injection Molding Machine, Hydraulic PFA Press, Hydraulic PTFE Press, PTFE Tube Extrusion Machine, and many more are among the items offered. All of the goods on offer are made with high-quality materials. Our machines are also known for their crack resistance, outstanding performance, solid construction, and low costs.

Our company strives to provide clients with quality and value. These candy-making machines are designed using a variety of quality-control procedures. We’ve also risen to the top by steadfastly adhering to the practice of providing the greatest candy-making machinery. In addition, our division offers extensive quality control capabilities as well as a specialized reliability test lab. Furthermore, the product-gamut that we have made available is being constantly monitored by our production team.

Specification of Injection Molding Machine:

Base Pipe 100×100 mm
Hydro Motor 500 CC
Injection Cylinder 600 mm Approx (Diameter 150 mm )
Locking Cylinder 500 mm Stoke (Diameter 125 mm )
Machine Base 900×900 mm
Pump Capacity 30 liter (Rexroth Dowty)
Screw Barel 50 mm (41 B Material)
Tiebar Size 70 mm Diameter (Material EN9)
Valve Size 10 Inch Yuken Valve
Power 15 hp Crompton Motor
Voltage 380 V
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