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Sindhwai Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd. established in 2002 by Mr. Harish Jadav the son of Mr. Arjunbhai Jadav the director of Sindhwai Hydraulic. We have established our business on the foundation of ethics, hard work, innovation and commitment. Machines are offered with customized finish to meet specific demands of customer. With customer centric approach and sophisticated technology, we have been able to maintain impressive record in a short period of time. All our machines are used worldwide by well known companies.

We are particularly known in the industry for best quality Injection Transfer Molding Machine manufacturing and supplies which are economical, power saving and highly efficient. Our manufactured Injection Transfer Molding Machines are proficient of maintaining tight tolerance in multifarious geometries, and ensures perfect repeatability from the first part to the last. Our machines are corrosion proof, tough and durable. The machines are easy to operate and install, required changes are provided by the company as specified by our customer. Our professional, having extensive knowledge in this domain they help us in designing the machines. Using their expertise we manufacture machine design, innovative and of latest technology, which makes our machines unique and help in streamlining our activities, which makes delivery of machine faster at a competitive price.

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Injection Transfer Molding Machines Manufacturer

Sindhwai Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in the industry, we provide range of Injection Transfer Molding Machines and in different models, our machines are easy to operate, safe and energy efficient. We provide technical support to our clients, customized machines and highly automated machines. Sindhwai Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd. has established a global network, we deliver machines worldwide. We supply injection transfer molding machines in India as well as to many other country. Injection Transfer Molding Machine enables achieving complex shapes, some of which are not possible with other process.

Uses of Injection Transfer Molding Machines

Injection Transfer Molding Machines is required in manufacturing process for fabrication of plastic parts. The fabrication is done for rubber components, silicone rubber parts, plastic parts for electrical industries, automobile rubber parts, gasket ends joining press. Various products are manufactured using injection transfer molding machine, that are of various size and complex.

Injection transfer molding is used to produce thin walled plastic parts for various applications, most common being – plastic housing, which include – household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools. Injection Transfer Molding is also used in manufacturing of toothbrushes, small plastic toys. Many medical devices including – valves and syringes. Injection Transfer Molding Machines is used as a quick process to create a mass amount of in distinguishable plastic parts. The use of injection transfer molding machine has consistently widened the boundaries of design in plastics and allowed substantial alternatives of traditional materials due to freedom in design and light weight.

Advantages of using Injection Transfer Molding Machines

  • Able to produce more complex products in different shapes and designs
  • Mass production and creation of product can be done at same time
  • High production output with low labor cost.
  • The processes are easy to repeat as machines are highly automated.
  • Minimum workload as there isn’t much to do after molding process.
  • Saves resources of the company by making recycling of scrap possible
  • Amount of waste is very less.
  • Mass production is possible in more efficient way.
  • Good colour control.
  • Excellent dimensional control.
  • Multiple materials can be used at the same time.
  • Can be used in production of very small as well as large parts.

Types of Injection Transfer Molding Machines

Machines are classified in basically three types – Hydraulic, Electrical and Hybrid.

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Hydraulic Injection Transfer Molding Machine is one of the oldest and most popular Injection Molding Machine; it can be used for a variety of purposes. These machines are available in different sizes, Hydraulic Injection Transfer Molding Machine are ideal for getting higher accuracy and fair degree. We manufacture these machines at a cost effective rate by providing alternative to meet specific application at least energy requirement.

Advantages :-

  • Base price of these machines are Low than its alternatives.
  • Replacements of parts are possible at lower cost and easier to find.
  • Machines are more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines have exceptional clamping force.


Electric Injection Transfer Molding Machines also known as Electric Machine Terminologies reduces operation cost and are ideal for manufacturing parts in large volumes. We manufacture machines in such a way that they are quieter, faster and more accurate. Electric presses are also considered to be environment friendly in comparison to Hydraulic Machines.

Advantages :-

  • These machines are energy efficient.
  • Time required in manufacturing is very less and least consumable expenses.
  • The process is faster as it provides digital control.
  • There is no requirement of oil in these machines, this makes operations clean.
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Hybrid Injection Molding Machine also known as Servo-Hydraulic Molding Machines is combination of both Hydraulic and Electric systems. Applying best features of both machines uses almost the minimal amount of electricity similar to Electric Injection Transfer Molding Machine. Hybrid machines are known for its high performance in thermoplastics processing. These machines offer top quality machines that score high on important aspects, when it comes to performance, reliability, safety and cost efficiency.

Advantages :-

  • Provides best of both Electric and Hydraulic Machine
  • Machines are energy efficient, highly efficient and cost effective
  • Highest level of performance accuracy is achieved
  • Highly automated and easy to use

Features of Injection Transfer Molding Machine

In today time many of the plastic parts are manufactured using injection molded. As it is a quick process for mass production of these parts and flexibility is high when it comes to achieving accurate shape and size. Our Injection Transfer Molding Machines have widened boundaries of designing of plastic parts which has help companies to get alternatives of traditional materials, making products free for design and light in weight. Injection Transfer Molding Machines manufactured by Sindhwai Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd. have made production of goods very cost effective as the machines are designed in such a manner that they consume least amount of electricity and the molding machine requires material like plastic and rubber which are not too costly which allows over customer to manufacture items with accuracy at the same time cost effective.

Injection molding process requires – injection tarnsfer molding machine, raw material and mold. The plastic is melted in the injection mold and then injected into the mold, where it is cooled and solidified. Injection molding has helped industries in providing disposable item as it is not very expensive and products can be manufactured in bulk. The process has become economic for most of the basic items such as bottle cap. Sindhwai Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd. a leading company in manufacturing of Injection Transfer Molding Machine Manufacturer has designed machine in such a manner that it operates at greater speed and high level of precision. Advanced technology are used in manufacturing of Injection Transfer Molding Machine with experience of many years, resulting in faster, more accurate and making highest level of productivity and reliability possible for our clients.

Working of Injection Transfer Molding Machine

The three main components of an Injection Machine are – the feed hopper, the screw and the heated barrel. In the feed hopper the plastic granules or powder, or materials like silicone rubber are inserted. Substance, inserted in liquid state may not require heating otherwise other solid materials require heating. Once the material is heated, the liquid is forced by the ram (screw) in tightly clamped mold and the liquid is allowed to set in the mold. The material cools as the metal mold conducts heat away and then the press is cycled to remove the mold.

Wide range of materials enable exact match of physical properties, multi layer molding enables tailoring of mechanical properties. Injection Transfer Molding Machine enables achieving complex shapes, some of which are not possible with other process. Products are manufactured in volume at lower price; the waste created in this process can be re-grounded and re-used.

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