Shakti Industries, one of the best Transfer Molding Machine manufacturer and supplier, supplying machines worldwide. The Transfer Molding Machines are highly automated and used by companies in India as well as other countries. We are a renowned name when it comes to customized machinery. Transfer Molding Machine is well equipped with the latest innovations and technology as to provide optimum output. We provide our customers with range of options at a reasonable price. The customers are provided with free installation and after sale assistance.

Transfer molding is one of the many ways that engineers manufacture rubber parts. Before the process takes place, the suitable amount of molding material is calculated, inserted and placed into the molding pot. As the material is heated, pressure forces it to transfer into the mold cavities. This is how the machine works. To get the best result our Transfer molding machines are made with high tolerance and more intricate parts consistently achievable as these machines use close mould technology. Transfer Molding Machine is well equipped with latest innovations and technology as to provide optimum output.

Advantages of purchasing Transfer Molding Machine from Shakti Industries-

  • After sales assistance
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion proof machines
  • Highly durable and automated
  • Energy efficient machine
  • Cost effective
  • Dimensional stability

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