Manufacturer And Exporter - Hydraulic Transfer Moulding Machine

Hydraulic Transfer Molding Machines used for casting are manufactured at Sindhwai Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd.  We are renowned name when it comes to Hydraulic Transfer Molding Machines are manufactured under guidance of professionals and use of advance techniques. With many years of experience we have received feedback from customer which has helped us in designing machines as per requirement of customer. Hydraulic Transfer Moulding Machine works in different way than compression molding, here the mold is open to the fill plunger than an enclosed one resulting with high dimensional tolerance.

The mold in Hydraulic Transfer Molding Machine is closed up and under hydraulic pressure; the material is forced through a small hole into the cavity. The mold is held closed while the material cures. Transfer Molding uses higher pressure to uniformly fill the mold cavity. Our hydraulic press is crucial for moulding applications. The machine is space-saving and flexible to your production. We supply Hydraulic Transfer Molding Machine to many companies in India as well as other countries. We also provide after sale assistance. Raw material used in manufacturing machine are of high quality so there is no problem such as corrosion so machine can operate smoothly and with least amount of energy required.


Hydraulic Tansfer Moulding Machine
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